Covid Best practices

We know there is a LOT happening in the world, country, state, county, area, neighborhood right now. Below are some best practices for using and enjoying the Open Space in these trying times.

  • Social distancing: Keep a safe physical distance of at least six feet from people you do not live with.
  • Go solo or only with people you live with: This isn’t the time to hold even small social gatherings on public lands, as that could increase community spread of the virus. Please save the group runs, rides or hikes for after the order is lifted. 
  • Avoid the crowds: Try and avoid weekends at peak times. If you see lots of people, try another area.
  • Share the wealth: Whether it’s sharing trails and yielding to others in order to maintain a safe distance, or limiting your time on public lands so that more people can have a safe experience, please keep your larger community in mind.
  • Leave no trace: Pack out what you pack in, as garbage collection is currently very limited.
  • Use common sense: Stay at home if you or others in your household are feeling sick.
  • Bike or Hike from home: We have very limited parking which forces close activities with neighbors. Help reduce the load and hike from home.